About the Children

Note: As so many of us are worried and fretting about the possible effects of covid19 on our families and friends, this thoughtful piece by nurse and mommy Kateri Allard provides a very heartwarming take on the situation.

I hope you will take the time to read it; may it make you smile and lift your spirits if you are feeling anxious. 

Virtual elbow bumps to you all. Take care.

“This morning, as we raced our way through Meijer (hey Midwest) and Costco, I felt the annoyance begin to build within me. Annoyance that I felt obligated to stock up on everything, frustration that the control measures I thought impossible four days ago are now widespread realities. I was 20 minutes into waiting in line to pay, trying in vane to keep a hungry teething toddler’s fingers out of his mouth, when from his place in a cart of ahead of me, he leaned forward, with face turned and eyes boring directly into my own. He nuzzled sweetly my face and chest, there was pressure and intention, and after holding there for what felt like a perfect eternity, he sealed it all with a kiss.

It was one of those moments, as a parent, when your heart grows and fractures, then each of the thousand new pieces grow as well until you are feeling your heart in your heels and your fingers, its breadth extending past the splint ends on the tip of each of your unwashed hairs.” (Continued via About the Children)

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